Benefits of kids cooking classes

There are a whole host of benefits to enroling your child in a kids cooking class. Beyond the obvious, learning how to cook, there are social benefits, lessons about wellbeing and the additional benefit of learning about safety in the kitchen. Just think, one day your children might deliver you an edible non burnt cooked breakfast in bed – the holy grail we can all aspire to!

  • Make new friends!
  • Take home delicious home made food and treats
  • Develop basic cooking skills
  • Learn about safety in the kitchen
  • Learn about the benefits of nutrition and links to wellbeing
  • Improve social skills (listening, respecting others etc.)
  • Work with others and learn to co-operate, share and collaborate   
  • Build confidence and boost sense of self esteem
  • Improve dexterity and fine tune knife skills
  • Develop literacy skills with recipes
  • Improve motivation to cook confidently in any kitchen
  • Time management and multitasking skills

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